Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 9th ESMINT Congress, to be held on September 7-9, at the NICE ACROPOLIS convention centre.

The ESMINT meeting is a moment of CONVIVIALITY,
come and share your personal experience with your community,

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS are both an opportunity and a concern,
join your community to become, well…, better together !

Our society is driven by INNOVATION,
meet the experts and discuss advanced cutting-edge innovative technologies and therapies,

Our commitments in STROKE management are education and research,
enjoy our new symposium for basic learning, the school of interventional neuroradiology,
compete in the ESMINT stroke research grant and discuss the results of the latest academic studies,

Stroke care is a TEAM sport,
meet the team at the stroke session with the ESO and at the joint meeting with the EANS and participate to WIN-like ignited debates,

ESMINT means learning together in the field of INTERVENTIONAL NEURORADIOLOGY from bedside know-how to ACADEMIC knowledge,

We wish you a very enjoyable and educational congress,

Pr. Francis Turjman,                                                   Pr. Jens Fiehler,
President of the 9th ESMINT Congress                       Vice-president of the 9th ESMINT Congress