January 27, 2015

Dear ESMINT Friends,

This year, 2015, will prove to be the year in which the results of the positive thrombectomy trials need to be integrated into clinical practice. Therefore, the attention of the regulators, public and our colleagues will be directed to the actions of our specialty and the ESMINT. It has become obvious that the interest in our field from many specialties is growing, but we must be aware that Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapies comprises more than just ischemic stroke treatment. Therefore the annual ESMINT Congress, to be held September 9-12th in Nice, will be focused on the field in its entirety including treatment of both aneurysms and fistulous lesions. We look forward to the participation of colleagues from all over the globe, as was the case in previous meetings.

The growing demand for intra-arterial treatment of ischemic stroke will show us the necessity of proper training. This is something the ESMINT has always sought to establish through the ESMINT-course and -curriculum based on UEMS guidelines. A session during the 7th ESMINT Congress will therefore be dedicated to methods of training, procedure planning and critical assessment (audit). This, in conjunction with a session on complications and ‘bail-out-techniques’ will help the awareness of young colleagues in structuring their entry into this emerging field without ‘clinical experimentation’ and it will also help the trainers to be aware of the value of protocoled training.

The ESMINT-Congress in Nice is well known for encouraging open debate regarding clinical cases... Read more